IT Network Consulting

Do you lack a network resource on staff? Do you have network outages? Do you have performance issues on your network but are unsure how to identify them? Do you have have a disaster recovery plan?

Let MR Consulting work with you and help. To highlight a few of our proficiencies:

  • Network Assessment
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Network Performance Monitoring
  • Network Management System Implementation
  • Security Penetration Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Application Performance Testing and Troubleshooting

We standardly begin with a network assessment to determine what the next steps should be. Please email, call or use our contact form to get started today.

  • Network Assessment
  • Architecture
  • Security

This day in age, your business relies on your network. If your network is unreliable, or is performing poorly, business can be severely impacted. A network assessment is a great starting point in identifying possible root causes to current issues or identifying areas of improvement. MR consulting has a vast resource of tools, techincal skills and experience to improve the operation of your network.

Network Assessment Scope
MR Consulting's network assessment offering is designed to take a comprehensive look at your network. Our network assessment will typically include reviewing the following areas:mr consulting network assessment

  • Physical cabling (fiber and copper)
  • Logical design such as VLANs and IP addressing
  • Router, switch and firewall configurations
  • Redundancy
  • Server DHCP, DNS, and WINS settings
  • Wide area connectivity
  • Wireless design and requirements
  • VPN connectivity, site to site and client based.

Network Assessment Approach

We use a proven method for our network assessments. Below is an example of typical network assessment steps:

  • Conduct meeting to review your objectives and listen to current issues.
  • Gather background information, such as branch offices, VPN users, and review current diagrams/documents, etc.
  • Review overall network design, including VLAN design, IP addressing, spanning-tree configuration, and overall network topology.
  • Review wide-area network design, including router configurations, bandwidth utilization, and network monitoring systems.
  • Review network settings for key servers, including IP addressing, DHCP settings, DNS servers, and routing statement.
  • Utilize Network Sniffer to look for excess broadcasts or collisions.
  • Analyze current internet design, including firewall configuration, access lists, DMZ design, and approach to email and web content filtering.
  • Prepare a final report.

After completion of the assessment you will receive a report including an executive summary, any issues found during the assessment, updated diagram of current network, and recommendations on any areas of improvement. The network recommendations will give you a straightforward road map to resolve any issues found and designs to improve your network.


Architecture and Implementation

The network infrastructure provides the core upon which all other IT services flow. A solid core network is a key building block for the growth of a business. MR Consulting can help assess and audit your current network design and develop a plan to take your business into a secure and well performing future. MR Consulting can help you develop a switching and routing architecture, IP address layout, wide-area edge architecture, wireless design, bridge diverse network types, design a highly availability network, all customized to your specific needs. We take your business requirements and map them into a robust network architecture that will scale and perform in a reliable, manageable fashion.

By examining your business, virtualization of systems, IT services, and storage and application capabilities, we will assure that the final solution makes your network more available, reliable and easier to manage.

Full implementation of your entire design will happen within set scope, on time and on budget.

Network Security

Do you know if you are protected from hackers? Are you concerned about unauthorized access to your confidential data? Do you worry that a guest computer will infect your network?

MR Consulting network audits and assessments help you identify, manage, and reduce your consulting network security

MR Consulting offers a full range of audits and assessments including:


  • Network Security Assessment
  • Firewall Design and Installation
  • Intrusion Protection Sensor Installation
  • VPN Remote Access Services
  • Network Access Control (NAC) Design and Implementation


MR Consulting reviews your infrastructure and provides you with a Security Assessment Report with scope, findings, and recommendations to reduce your risks. The report provides an executive summary highlighting prioritized tasks that eliminate or reduce your risks.